Sunday, November 9, 2014

Positive Thinking

I've had a lot of changes in my life recently, and a lot of motivation from the people around me to think more positively, and to stop being hard on myself, and stop pointing out my imperfections. I truly do believe that everyone is beautiful outside of makeup, outside of  what you look like, outside of your job or the things you own. In the long run, it doesn't matter. Surrounding yourself with good people and things that make you happy is really what will make your life a great one. And it's all out there, I can assure it. I'm starting to make less over-generalizations, and focus more on the now, instead of the future. I have a little challenge for you. You are beautiful. It may seem kinda weird to say it, even if I've never met you. But I truly to believe that everyone has a beauty in themselves. Now tell this to someone close. See how much it can make their day, because one little sentence can make such a difference. Then tell it to someone who you haven't talked to in a long time. And see the even bigger difference. Like a said, a bit of kindness can lead to a whole lot more positivity.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!

October is coming to a close. Now even though it's 20 mph winds and 37 degrees, it's still a wonderful time. My house is a hot-spot for cute little kids as Elsa's and zombies, as well as parents asking to use the bathroom. But my absolute favorite: pumpkin seeds. Every year we get two medium pumpkins, scoop out every last seed, and bake them. We set them in a baking tray, set the oven to 325, and put garlic salt all over the seeds. Baked until a nice brown tinge occurs, about 45 minutes (trust me it's worth it) this is literally one of the best parts of October. Not to mention it's full of fiber and great for you! I eat the seeds whole, and boy they are good. Wanna give a try? It's beyond easy, and if you don't want to scoop out a pumpkin or take them from a jack-o-lantern, you can buy plain seeds at virtually any store and put some of your own seasoning on them. You can get really creative too! 

So for anyone that has followed this blog, I know the month of October has been a little empty in terms of blogging. I promise, I have more time now and it's still something I love to do. The way for me to show my likes and dislikes, and little tidbits for me to share to the world is so amazing. I'll see you soon!

Friday, October 17, 2014

HUGE Sephora Haul!

As a reward to finishing ALL my college apps, I treated myself to a little Sephora fun. I actually went in store to try a bunch of things rather than looking online, which was awesome because I got a couple things I never would even look at online. I also got some help to find a better shade of foundation since the color match always makes me too pink. Here are my goodies!

Nars Sheer Matte foundation in Deauville: This is quite a change from the color Santa Fe, but the formula is so awesome that I wanted to stick to the brand. Nar's foundations tend to get darker as you spread them on the skin, so when you think you're a perfect match, I'd suggest going one shade lighter. I went multiple shades lighter because I'm losing my summer tan, and it also was a good balance of pink and yellow that more matched my skin tone. $45.

Urban Decay Naked2 Basics: Matching with the type of shades found in the regular Naked2 palette, the basics palette is 5 matte and one pearl taupe-y type shades. Every picture I've seen (even the one on the box) doesn't give it justice as to how beautiful the shades are. So versatile, I absolutely love playing with a ton of different looks. $29.

Anastasia Brow Whiz in Medium Brown: Yes, I'm late to the game on this one. And like everyone else who's tried this pencil, once you go whiz you never go back. Medium Brown is the perfect color because it's very grey toned, which makes my eyebrows look much more natural. The fine pencil and spooley work wonders on filling in brows while keeping a natural look. I seriously love this pencil, and it's so worth the money. $21.

Bite Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Aubergine: Holy crap the pigment is amazing. And the staying power. I'm new to Bite as a brand, but I'm very, very impressed. I tested a few of their lipsticks, and the vibrancy was the exact same. I wore this particular crayon, which looks like a cross between a chubby stick and a lip liner, in a very beautiful eggplant color. It lasted for a good 3 hours without any kind of lip prep. 3 HOURS. Towards the end it does turn a bit more red toned, but still very pretty. I'm absolutely going to try more from this brand. $24.

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler: Another newbie for me, and nothing to do with makeup, this small brush is used on wet hair to get out tangles. I have a lot of problems with tangly and damaged hair since getting it bleached. It's a great tool to travel with because it has the case, and it's very easy to clean, so it's great for the shower. I have medium thickness long hair, and it is much easier than a comb, but if you have thick hair, it might get a bit difficult to work with. Overall, it would work best with short, thin hair, but I'd give it a try! Definitely pulls less than a brush, and less damaging. $20

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Disappointing Product Review: Mac and Clinique

I'm back to two more products that didn't quite make the cut for me, one from Mac and one from Clinique, which is unusual for those two brands. Usually I'm in love with all their products, but I'll explain why these ones weren't quite up to par.

I'll start with the Clinique brow powder, the one of the left. I had high hopes for this but it just didn't cut it. The formula was way too packed, and you had to work to get product evenly distributed in the brows. The color is also really off. Although it says it's soft brown, and the sample picture on the Sephora website gives it off as exactly that, the color ends up being way different. You can kind of compare it to the bronzer, but it is way too orange for the brows. The brush it came with was also really bad. Whereas most brow brushes are very thin, this one was rather thick and got product caked into the bristles, and it was very hard to clean out. Overall, I stopped using it after three weeks because I just got so frustrated.

The Mac bronzing powder was something I wasn't expecting to dislike since their mineral powders are so good. This powder wasn't anything like those. It picked up on the brush poorly (and I tried two different types of brushes with different bristles) and I literally had to scrub the powder to try to get product. When applying it to the face, I needed a ton just to make my face slightly more bronze. I guess you could call it subtle, but I think for the amount of powder I had to use, it just didn't work well. It also has dried out a lot after just a few months, and I keep it closed and in a drawer, so I don't understand why it would do that. I tried testing it with my finger once, and absolutely nothing showed up, even when I tried the less dry parts. It just wasn't good enough for the money you have to spend on a Mac product.

The usual disclaimer is that whatever doesn't work for me may work wonders on you. It's all a matter of opinion. I hope that my reviews can give you some insight, but the only way to REALLY know is to try them (except I'd suggest sampling at the store versus buying). I hope you enjoyed this review!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Summer Wedding!

My cousin recently got married to his girlfriend of about 3 years (and they also have a little boy together named Jacob!). It was literally one of the most beautiful weddings that I've seen and it was great weather and a great crowd. About 100 people were there and it was at a privately owned lot with a beautiful lake and vineyard. I'll give ya a couple pictures:

The wedding was held by the lake with a bunch of blue little poms in the trees and a beautiful wooden arch that was made by the bride's step dad. The best part was instead of traditional rice, all the younger kids got a little bubble gun and shot bubbles at them after the ceremony. 

Now onto what I wore, there were two different outfits, one for the ceremony and one for the night before which was a little wine tasting at the vineyard just to get everyone together. My dresses were both from little non-chain shops but I do know you can get my ceremony dress at Modcloth. My shoes were both from DSW, and jewelry mostly from Silpada. The shoes for the second dress were red patent leather heals, which you can't see.

P.S. ignore the super crappy quality from my phone…

I love weddings so much, and I love wearing different things. My cousin and his wife looked so happy, and her dress was beautiful. Overall everything was so much fun and considering they did all the work by themselves, the wedding went flawlessly. The next thing I have to ask is who is next…?
See you soon!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Life Gets Busy…

Hi everyone. I haven't posted in quite a while. I apologize about that but I think everyone can contest that it happens. You can't do everything. I do promise a wedding post (not mine a bit too young), but it's filled with all the things you'd love about a wedding. But I don't guarantee it soon. It's just one of those times. I don't have time to breathe. But I love doing this and it will continue. See you all sometime!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Favorites!

Hi everyone! I'm doing a favorites again finally. I have a lot of fun stuff to go through and links to be clicked so enjoy!

Lot's of makeup favorites this month. I've mentioned a lot of these in other posts, but I can't get over the amazingness. I'll attempt a left to right type of organization so here we go. 

The Pore-fessional Primer: I've definitely mentioned this before. So, so, so nice. It creates a nice matte base that really does reduce the look of pores, which I think is better than an illuminating base because my skin gets oily in 30 seconds. Love the feel of it on my skin, it's just awesome. 

Tarte 12-Hour Blush: This is a new one for me! I never was a blush girl because I always found it hard to put on light enough to not make it look like I painted my cheeks. This Amazonian-clay formula in Captivating is a very pretty peachy pink. I just put a really small amount on a Mac 150 and it is just gorgeous. 

Repetto Perfume: Again, another new kind of product, I never really took to perfumes, and this again changed that. It's a sweet smell, which I think is better for me because I'm still pretty young all things considered. I still save it for more special occasions and keep to body spray for school because it is a stronger scent, but dab a little on my neck and wrists, and I smell like vanilla, rose, musk and whole lotta other goodness.  

Make Up Forever Lipstick: I mentioned this when reviewing Sephora's birthday gifts, and I still love it. It's probably my most worn lipstick for August. The formula is wonderful, and keep my lips pretty hydrated (something I've always had trouble with Mac formulas), and the color. Oh the color. N9 aka Copper Pink is so gorgeous for everyday (it looks much darker than it is). I will soon be getting the full sized one. I just love it so much. 

The Classic Physicians Formula Green Powder: You're probably bored of hearing about this one. But too bad, because it will continue to be in my favorites. Pop a bit on a zit, zap on some concealer, and poof it's gone. It's magic. 

Two non-beauty favorites here. And don't mind the weird wick. It tilted and then got stuck in the dried wax. Oops. 

Brick and Mortar Candle: So some bad news is I can't find this specific candle at the store website, but good news is I found it here! First the store. Brick and Mortar is a furniture store in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I don't have my own home, but going there makes me want 20 different houses so I can take the whole store and decorate them all in different ways. The things there are high quality, and so, so, so cute. It's a wide range of styles and seriously there is so much to find there you never go out without finding something you like. The online store is great, and their sister clothing stores are some of my favorites. Onto the actual candle. Heaven in a really cute jar. It's made of vegetarian wax which is great for conserving those honeybees. The smell is indescribable unless you have put your head into a honeysuckle. It really does smell exactly like honeysuckle, and the jar is a very pretty pink, and very sturdy. Plus 120 hours of burning. Can't beat it. I've been burning it so often, and I just love it so much. 

B&BW Body Cream: AGAIN, this isn't actually on the website, but I did find it in the store. This body cream, in apple blossom and lavender is a great scent, and a good kind of transition scent from summer into fall. I love the two scents together, they work really well. It's a nice big tube too so it will last me forever. 

So not much variation but here it all is. Sorry it took me forever to do another favorites but with the extra day off tomorrow I had the time. Have a great Labor Day weekend! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rock the Red Lip w/o Lip Liner

Red lips are always considered "dangerous," but I think anyone can rock the look, even when lip liner is not available. A red lip is always about creating a clean line on the lip, and having an overall polished look in the end, so doing it without lip liner isn't always advised. But I think that it's not always necessary, and you can get that perfect line that doesn't feather. You want to first prime your lips with something, I usually do an Eos balm because it isn't a heavy balm. Side-note, I like to use a lipstick with a sharp edge, such as this Mac Red. It will create sharp lines, or you can always create one by rubbing the lipstick with a tissue. I start with the top lip, so the tip is at its sharpest, because creating a sharp line on the top lip is much harder. Using the edge I try to follow the exact line of my lips without going over. I try to go in one stroke, not multiple, because it creates the cleanest line. I also want to make sure I go to the exact edge of the lip, and do the same on the bottom so it doesn't create a weird faded edge. I do the same for the bottom, keeping that smooth edge. One thing I don't usually do with bright red is blot afterwords, because it can smudge the lipstick onto the skin. And there you go! A great red lip to wear anywhere, anytime. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BTS Week! Part 3- What I'm Wearing and Senior Goals

I start tomorrow. Dang. But I'm going to keep positive and talk about the things I like. I'm going to be wearing a blue no sleeve shirt with white shorts (before Labor Day) and a black sweater because my school likes to keep it freezing. I know that's very vague but my camera ran out of battery. Oops. But talking goal wise I want to keep my grades, I want to get my applications done soon, and overall I want to have a fun year. Senior year is where things start to relax and college becomes a reality. And I'm beyond ready for it. Have a great year everyone! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

BTS Week! Part 2- Beauty Bag Essentials

So in my last post I talked about my whale case and here I'm going to talk more specifically about what is in the case, with links to see where to get things. Click on anything below!

Maui Scent from B&BW: I love this new scent from Bath and Body Works. And of course, the travel sizes are seriously the best. I keep the travel sized lotion in my whale case for those super dry winter days, and also when I just need a bit of fragrance that isn't overpowering. 

PocketBac from B&BW: Again, another travel sized product from Bath and Body Works. Their mini sanitizers are so awesome and they always mask the smell of alcohol. I usually go for more fresh scents over fruity scents because the fruity ones can be a little strong. My favorite is probably Dancing Waters, with a close second being apple scented (even though I just said I prefer not to have fruity ones I just love the scent of apple). 

Sephora Concealer in 07: I've mentioned this one before and I'll keep mentioning it because it is a great concealer. Perfect for my skin tone and easy enough to travel with, this concealer is great for that midday touch up on spots. Because it's a click type of packaging, I'm not worried about it spilling all over my other stuff, making it even better.

Fresh Travel Size Balms: These balms are AMAZING. I bring a travel sized advanced therapy one that doesn't have color and the color Rose. I know I got the travel sized in a sample from Sephora, and they had a little pack of three so I'm not sure if they still come in the smaller size, but even the bigger sizes are fine for carrying around. The packaging is super durable which I like too, so at the bottom of a backpack they won't break and get things all goopy.  

Some other essentials I carry are hair bands and bobby pins, Band-Aids (blisters are the worst), and tissues. It seems like a lot, but it actually all fits in the little whale case. It's great to have it all in one place too. 

BTS Week! Part 1- What's in My Bag

Back to school is approaching whether that is something to be excited for or not. This year, my senior year in high school, is where the memories are supposed to be made. Prom, senioritis, college apps etc. it's all there. To start of simple though, I'm going through what essentials I have in my school bag. I bought this Michael Kors bag last year when the design was coming out. It's small but sturdy for a lot of traveling around. It has just the right amount of pockets that nothing gets lost but there's always somewhere to put things. 

Inside my bag, I have three main essentials. My Mead 5 Star notebook and pencil case keeps everything very organized. The notebook has 3 subjects with a folder for each so it's all I need to bring in terms of paper and folders, and the pencil case holds it all. I also bring my whale case which holds my lotion, concealer etc. Finally I have my wallet and sunglasses for driving to school, and it all fits perfectly in my bag without being too heavy (with a huge school like mine lockers aren't always convenient). It's held up all last year and I hope to keep it that way for this year!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sephora Birthday Makeup Review

Sephora gives awesome birthday gifts every year, and I just received mine for 2014 by Makeup Forever. Including this and the gift from last year, there are some awesome stuff and some not so awesome stuff. Here's my review!

2013 by Benefit: This included a sample size of Their Real mascara. The picture doesn't show the sample size because I had to buy a full size because it was so awesome. I mentioned it in a favorites before. It's a very wet mascara with small plastic bristles, and I use it every day, with no flakes. The other Benefit gift is the Watt's Up highlighter. I'm not a big fan of this sample. The full-sized one is probably a bit better because it covers a wider area, but the sample is very small. It's also very shimmery and I'm more of a matte fan, and it's just hard to apply. I'd much prefer a powder, as this one is more of a cream. 

2014 by Makeup Forever: I'll start with the lipstick. I LOVE the color. It's basically a slightly darker color of your lips which is great for everyday. I like their formula as I have gotten their full-size lipsticks before. Overall, I plan to get the full-sized one! The mascara is pretty good, not quite as much as the Benefit, but still good. It has a unique brush with the classic kind of bristle. The brush starts off HUGE at the end but gets thinner as it goes. I don't quite understand the design it might just be for show, but it does give a nice natural lash that lengthens a lot. No flakes which is also good. 

Well that's the review! Next week starting Sunday or Monday I'm going to be doing a school week daily blog (hopefully) about all the stuff I bring to school, and I'm really excited so stay tuned!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Makeup Brush Cleaning 101

I was cleaning my brushes and I was thinking, why not do a post to show how easy it is? (I have a lot of friends who don't clean their brushes and it's so important!). It can prevent acne and is overall so much better for your skin because bacteria can get caught in them. This is so easy, and it only takes a few steps.

What you need: 
Any shampoo, an alcohol based liquid (I use Sephora daily brush cleaner), a medium sized bowl, and a towel. 

I start by filling the bowl with luke-warm water just a small bit so the glue that holds the bristles doesn't get doused with water and cause it to break up. 

I then spray the anti-bacterial cleaner directly into the water. I put a small dab of shampoo right on the bristles of the brush and swirl it in the water. 

You'll start to see the water get cloudy (or completely opaque depending on the state of the brush). You'll most likely have to change the water every few brushes and then just respray the cleaner. Just keep swirling it and rubbing it with your fingers until the bristles turn to their normal color. Be sure to check more than just the tips of the bristles, because makeup can get stuck deeper in. 

When you're finished with your brushes, rinse them in fresh water under the tap and dab them with a towel. Leave them on their side (again so the water doesn't get too much into the glue) and set them to dry. Small brushes take a couple hours where big brushes can take up to a day to fully dry. 

Doing all these brushes probably took 12 minutes. It's so easy and mostly uses household materials. Try it out!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Random Buy Update

So I said I'd do the penny board update. I'm not terrible. I'm not great. I can usually get down the street without falling off (although I have fallen off). I do say, both Ray and I love it, and we want to get another so we don't have to share. We just have to find a cheap one. If you want to try penny-boarding, I'd suggest just trying to go back and forth a short path on a very smooth surface (We were doing my recently paved driveway). Once you get more confident, try a flat road. Otherwise that is all I have! I'm hoping to do my vintage collection soon, so stay tuned for that! Bye!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Some of the Last Winter Clothes I'll Ever Buy

This is the first time I've ever ordered from Zara, and let me tell you, it's one of my new favorite stores. The sale that was going on helped a bit too. But I went on the winter side, for reasons I really don't know. I say it's one of the last times because I'm going to school in the deep south, where winter clothes (at least the ones that are needed up north) isn't quite needed. I'm still in summer mode but this is what I got for the year I have left.

Zara mint green sweater with White House Black Market polka dot shirt underneath and a Charming Charlie necklace that was a gift. Very preppy, but I honestly love it. Fun with the polka dots, a gorgeous color, and great for a northern winter. It's pretty comfy too. Sweater: $20 Shirt: $40 Necklace: Unknown.

I love me some winter jackets and this one immediately caught my attention. Faux leather with adorable accents, this is a timeless staple. The baby blue color goes with so much, and I got it for more than half off from Zara. Jacket: $60 (originally $130).

I also got a grey purse that is finally big enough now that I carry more things when I go around that was $60 from Zara, originally $80. My mom might steal it though so we'll see how that goes. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Random Buy

My friend Ray and I have been watching a lot of Youtuber's lately (after I introduced her to Jacksgap) and we decided that after watching it all, we were going to split the cost of a Penny Board. What's that? It's a type of skateboard that comes in all different colors and patterns (we got red with white polka dot's on the bottom). They aren't cheap, but we managed to get a decent deal on Amazon. Usually they are around the lower $100's, but we got our's in the $70's. I've seen some of my other friends with them too, and they seem absolutely indestructible, and not to mention really fun. Now Ray is a bad-a** on a skateboard, but me, not so much. I'll let you know how it goes. Maybe the Penny Board will be different. Have a good weekend!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Snorkeling in the Key's and Getting Stung by Coral

Hello everyone! I just thought that I'd post some pictures from my time in Florida (I promise it wasn't all fun and games it was a lot of hard work), but these are some really cool ones. 

My one word of caution, if you ever go snorkeling, do not touch ANY coral. I didn't think I touched anything, and then I got a giant sting that itched like crazy. If you ever have an opportunity to snorkel in Key Largo, I highly suggest it. I went through Marine Lab, which isn't a tourist place but a school type thing, but there are a lot of tourist places that will take you to the good reefs. As you can see, it was very diverse and colorful, and some of the best snorkeling I've done. Send pictures if you do go!

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Non-Cakey Way to Cover Acne (Yes it's possible :) )

If you have severe acne, I absolutely know what you go through. My dermatologist has been working very hard to help me get rid of it, but it is very, very stubborn. Fortunately, this is where makeup comes in. And I think I have finally perfected the coverage of acne without looking like a cake. 

I start off with priming my face with the Benefit Pore-fessional primer. Side note, it's a slightly cheaper version of the Givenchy Mister Mat Primer, so if you like that one you'll like the Benefit one too. I use this so the foundation won't get stuck in my pores, and it also is a good way to not quite make your face matte, but it takes away any big shiny spots from oil. I stick that all over my face, concentrating on my T-zone. 

I then go onto the scariest part (because it makes you look like you have a very weird skin disease), which is my green powder. This Physicians Formula Pressed Powder is a gift from above for any red skin, because it neutralizes the redness more than concealer can. If you really have a bright red spot, you can also use the liquid formula, but I think the powder has a more natural finish. I use the Real Techniques crease brush, and use a patting motion over the spot. I try to use a pretty heavy coverage so there is absolutely no red to be seen.

I then go to the concealer. I dot a bit of my Sephora Collection Concealer in number 7 on each spot then use the Sephora concealer brush to blend it into the skin. At this point, the skin should look slightly green tinged but overall no redness, and a lot less zitty. 

The final step is to use foundation as normal. This should cover any other area of the skin that doesn't quite look natural, and also even out any other skin tones in the face for a nice even finish. I use the Nars Sheer Matte foundation in Santa Fe with my Urban Decay foundation brush. 

Obviously, no amount of makeup can actually hide the actual bump, but this is a great, natural way to hide acne. I hated the way my face would always look so full of makeup and so fake, but now it looks so much more natural thanks to mister green powder. Hope you guys enjoyed! (The picture below has no edits other than brightening. You can see how well it works!)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Birthday Makeup Outfit and Hair

Happy Saturday! I just got home from my long trip in Florida with lot's of mosquito bites and some nice tan skin (Although I wore sunscreen everyday). I celebrated my birthday with my parents, brother, and my grandparents at one of my favorite Italian restaurants. The romper I wore was from Modcloth (and if you are a girl with a long torso like me, a size large in this romper will do wonders), and the belt was taken from another dress, also from Modcloth. The rings are Topshop and I wore my pink Sperry's to add a cute pop of color. I wore my mom's oversized jean jacket with quarter sleeves in the restaurant.

Yes that is a remote in my hand I was too impatient to wait for the timer :)

For makeup, I went with a bit of a darker brow and more of a smoky eye, although a smoky eye for me is still very light and neutral. The brow pencil is Maybelline, the eyeshadows were from the Mac warm palette, and the lipstick was Hot Tahiti, also from Mac. Everything else is pretty much the same as my everyday routine.  

I decided that my natural hair actually looked decent for once, so I stuck some Frizz-Ease calming cream and let it be. 

It turned out to be a really nice birthday. My mom handmade an ice cream cake which is probably one of my favorite things about my birthday every year, and I got a really nice charm from Tiffany's for my charm bracelet from my parents. Overall it was a great birthday, and one I will never forget. Have a happy weekend!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Disappointing Product Review: Clinique Super City Block :(

I'll be the first to say I love Clinique products and I was very excited to get this one. I have been in Florida for three weeks and I really wanted a base that would give me great everyday sun protection. I found it on Sephora for $22 which I thought was a great price for an SPF 40 product in a decent sized tube. 

Unfortunately after using it everyday for the past three weeks, it just didn't make the cut. Yes, it does protect my face, which is the main goal. But after putting it on before all my makeup, it made my face a much paler color, almost ghostly (even though it's actually tinted), and after putting on all my makeup it still looked white. It made my face super greasy, and after trying to rub it in, it left little dried up pieces behind. The texture and the residue it left behind made me super disappointed, and I'd much rather just use a regular sunscreen. It also didn't help keep my other makeup on at all because it was so greasy. It might work better if you are pale and have a drier face, but it just didn't work for me.

Keep in mind, that this didn't work for my specific skin, and everybody's skin is different. I try to give my best review, but if you find it works for you, go for it. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Being 18

I turned 18 today. Wow. Adulthood. Even though everyone is joking about what I can do in the coming years, there really is so much more freedom when becoming 18. I'm excited, don't get me wrong, I love birthdays, but it is overwhelming. I'm ready for the challenges. Then again, I'm still just as awkward. I'll be doing some hauls later, but for now have a great weekend!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Random Picture to Pass the Time

I haven't done a post in quite a while, and being about 700+ miles away from home, there's a limited amount I can do. So I'm sorry that I don't have much, but enjoy crappy quality picture of these ducklings I took! How cute! I promise there will be something good coming up. See you soon!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Movie Review #2

Time for another movie review! No spoilers I promise.

22 Jump Street: This is my first R-rated movie in the theater. I absolutely loved it too. It was so funny, and for the most part not trashy at all. If it's your first R movie, it's a good one. The actors are great at playing those roles too. You don't have to see 21 Jump Street to understand 22, but I'd highly recommend it just because it is so funny. I gave it an 8.5 out of 10.

The Amazing Spider Man 2: This movie was both awesome and not so good. I will continue to love Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, but I wasn't crazy about the plot of the movie. I read some other reviews and I agree that they should have kept it with one villain. And a lot of scenes from the trailer aren't actually in the movie, which I wish was different. But overall I love the action and of course I'm a geek when it comes to Marvel Movies. I gave it a 6 out of 10.

Have any movies to suggest? Comment below!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day is always a special time for my family because we get to relax and celebrate dad's everywhere, as well as my Grandpa that passed away, and my other Grandpa that is alive and well. Even if you don't have a Dad, I feel like a relationship with someone who can be a father figure is really important, because there just isn't anything like it. I know that some of my favorite moments are when my dad and I are alone and we just talk about anything. Thanks for being there for all the tears and laughs and whatever random mood I'll be in! Love you!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Packing for a Road-Trip

Tomorrow I am headed for a 26-28 (all together) hour road trip, and as fun as that sounds (haha sarcasm) I am think I'm ready to beat the boredom, especially since it's mostly on highways. Here's what I'm bringing from food to fun to clothing!

SO pretty much I'm just listing what I'm bringing;
Skinny Pop, low fat Cheez-It's, granola, grapes and cheese, fruit snacks, peanut butter rice cakes, and some peanut M&M's. Bringing a cooler is a great idea, because it truly does stay cold and it's pretty easy to pack and stuff in the car. I tried to keep things relatively healthy, but I will never leave out the peanut M&M's.

Car items:


I mostly wanted things that would take a long time to do, so I brought some summer homework (Ew), a new book, some movies on my iPad, my phone and headphones for some music, a pillow pet for sleeping, and some magazines. Just some normal past-time items, but it should keep me occupied. I'm keeping it all in the best bag in the world, a mid-sized Vera Bradley bag. (The peanut M&M's needed to be in the picture). 


More is less when it comes to traveling anywhere. I'm using a tinted moisturizer versus a foundation, chubby sticks that double as a balm, and some face sunscreen that is also moisturizing and tinted. Otherwise, everything is part of a normal makeup routine. I keep this in another Vera Bradley item, their makeup bag which is a good one because it's big enough to carry shampoo bottles and has the plastic lining. If I would say the single most important thing, ALWAYS use a plastic bag or a bag with a lining for makeup and liquids because they will spill at some point in your life. 


I have an even amount of cute everyday clothes for out of the car and comfy clothes to wear in the car and laying around, plus a Lulu jacket. And of course, I have some giant sunglasses that's great for in and out of the car. I think always go more comfy than cute for car rides. Nobody is really going to see you. Always pack extra underwear too. You never know...

Well how about those quickly taken pictures (because I had to put everything in the suitcase pretty fast) Anyways hope this helps if you're going on any trip! See you soon!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I'm Free! (And a Closet Update)

Ready... I'm done with finals and junior year!! I'm seriously so excited for the summer. It was a super tough year and a lot happened, and I'm so glad it's over. I might be posting a little less because of the traveling I'm doing, which I will also talk about later, but I'm still going to try as hard as I can. Anyways now that I have the time I'm doing some closet cleaning! 

Summer is a great time to look at your closet and see what really should go. I split everything up. One pile of sports bras and camisoles that are too small, one pile of things I'm going to donate, and one pile of things that I just need to get rid of because they are too trashed to donate. Sadly, the white shirt is something I'm really getting rid of because there is a 4 inch rip that isn't really shown. I love that shirt but it happens. If you are cleaning out you closet, one of the biggest things I can suggest is ask yourself "Am I ever going to wear this again" and be completely honest. I think there's always a sentimental feeling, so it's hard to part with pieces, and the guilt if you have only worn something twice, but the best thing is to be honest. And if you're donating, there will always be a good feeling that you're giving it to someone who needs it. That's all I have for now but expect a Topshop haul soon! I now have room to put everything in my closet :) 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

May Favorites!

Time for another May favorites! Why I took pictures of them on my fuzzy chair, I don't know :). Anyway, like always, just click a link below to see where to buy something! Hope you enjoy and happy summer!

Last Month:
Last month I mentioned I would review the Nars sheer matte foundation and the Stila liquid liner. Both of them I enjoyed a lot, and I wear the Nars foundation every day. The color Santa Fe is a little dark for me, but I'm going to be spending a lot of time in the sun so that shouldn't be a problem soon. Otherwise I just use a bit of bronzer on my neck to even it out. The Stila liner is great, a nice opaque black. Being waterproof, it's a harder to smudge than a non waterproof liner, but it stays put all day which is a blessing for the humid summer. Overall, I'd recommend both of them!

Enjoy Hair Mask: My hair did not take bleaching very well, and it has become so dry. This mask helps put a lot of hydration back into the ends. I usually put it on the ends, tie in a bun, leave it in for 20 minutes then rinse it out and do my normal shampoo and conditioner. Although it's pricey, I notice a big difference in my hair after I use it.

Real Techniques Starter Kit: I'm sure a lot of you have heard of these brushes but if you haven't I highly, and I mean highly recommend them. They are relatively cheap but a super nice quality. They are soft, really easy to clean, synthetic, and overall just super awesome brushes. I use them for different applications then they are meant for, and they work just as well too. Beginner to pro, they are really awesome. 

Tarte Lip Tints: I've had one of these for a while and I fell in love with it, but I stopped using it. Then, I found a coupon for these in 17 magazine, bought way to many, and fell in love with them again! They are buildable, gorgeous colors, very hydrating, and overall a great chubby lip pencil. They last a long time too. Pictured are my three favorites I just bought and my older (but not too old I promise) red one. 

Fresh Lip Polish: This is more of a winter product, but I'm finding I'm still using it. It is basically a scrub for the lips, and it helps to take off all the peeling dead skin so lipsticks and balms can go on much smoother without those annoying creases. It's amazing for those who have dry lips. It's full of brown sugar, and that is also what it smells like so there aren't any vile chemical smells. A great travel item too, it's really a wonderful product.

Julep Nail Polishes in Harriet and Liz: These are cute polishes for summer. Julep is a great brand too. I have extremely brittle nails that peel all the time to the point where gel nail polishes would only last a week. Julep polishes, although more expensive than drug store brands, stays on for so long without chipping. I just put 2 layers and a top coat, and besides the tiny chips at the tip of my nails, they stay like steel for a solid week. 

Aromafloria Bath Salts: If you want to feel like you just stepped into the spa, this is for you. It smells so, so, so, so, so good, and it lasts the entire duration of your bath. Not too expensive for how much you get either. I mentioned them before in my Ulta haul, so if you want a little more info head there. 

Pens?: Yup. Pens! These Vera Bradley Pens (which are on sale right now!) are such a cute gift and they are much more fun to write with than simple Bic pens. 

Since that was a ton of stuff this month I don't really have anything for next month. Comment if you want to see a review on something though!