Thursday, June 5, 2014

I'm Free! (And a Closet Update)

Ready... I'm done with finals and junior year!! I'm seriously so excited for the summer. It was a super tough year and a lot happened, and I'm so glad it's over. I might be posting a little less because of the traveling I'm doing, which I will also talk about later, but I'm still going to try as hard as I can. Anyways now that I have the time I'm doing some closet cleaning! 

Summer is a great time to look at your closet and see what really should go. I split everything up. One pile of sports bras and camisoles that are too small, one pile of things I'm going to donate, and one pile of things that I just need to get rid of because they are too trashed to donate. Sadly, the white shirt is something I'm really getting rid of because there is a 4 inch rip that isn't really shown. I love that shirt but it happens. If you are cleaning out you closet, one of the biggest things I can suggest is ask yourself "Am I ever going to wear this again" and be completely honest. I think there's always a sentimental feeling, so it's hard to part with pieces, and the guilt if you have only worn something twice, but the best thing is to be honest. And if you're donating, there will always be a good feeling that you're giving it to someone who needs it. That's all I have for now but expect a Topshop haul soon! I now have room to put everything in my closet :) 

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