Monday, June 9, 2014

Packing for a Road-Trip

Tomorrow I am headed for a 26-28 (all together) hour road trip, and as fun as that sounds (haha sarcasm) I am think I'm ready to beat the boredom, especially since it's mostly on highways. Here's what I'm bringing from food to fun to clothing!

SO pretty much I'm just listing what I'm bringing;
Skinny Pop, low fat Cheez-It's, granola, grapes and cheese, fruit snacks, peanut butter rice cakes, and some peanut M&M's. Bringing a cooler is a great idea, because it truly does stay cold and it's pretty easy to pack and stuff in the car. I tried to keep things relatively healthy, but I will never leave out the peanut M&M's.

Car items:


I mostly wanted things that would take a long time to do, so I brought some summer homework (Ew), a new book, some movies on my iPad, my phone and headphones for some music, a pillow pet for sleeping, and some magazines. Just some normal past-time items, but it should keep me occupied. I'm keeping it all in the best bag in the world, a mid-sized Vera Bradley bag. (The peanut M&M's needed to be in the picture). 


More is less when it comes to traveling anywhere. I'm using a tinted moisturizer versus a foundation, chubby sticks that double as a balm, and some face sunscreen that is also moisturizing and tinted. Otherwise, everything is part of a normal makeup routine. I keep this in another Vera Bradley item, their makeup bag which is a good one because it's big enough to carry shampoo bottles and has the plastic lining. If I would say the single most important thing, ALWAYS use a plastic bag or a bag with a lining for makeup and liquids because they will spill at some point in your life. 


I have an even amount of cute everyday clothes for out of the car and comfy clothes to wear in the car and laying around, plus a Lulu jacket. And of course, I have some giant sunglasses that's great for in and out of the car. I think always go more comfy than cute for car rides. Nobody is really going to see you. Always pack extra underwear too. You never know...

Well how about those quickly taken pictures (because I had to put everything in the suitcase pretty fast) Anyways hope this helps if you're going on any trip! See you soon!

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