Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Travel Pictures: Hawaii Part 2

So yeah, I finally got around to posting some Hawaii pt. 2 photos. All above water photos, and some are very simple, but I still love them. Hope you enjoy!

All work here is my own. Please do not print or distribute without permission. Contacts about prints can be found in the Contact Me page. Thank you!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Little Thoughts

So time for another inside Alex's head time. Recently, my very good friends have been having a lot of relationship complications with guys, other friends, and parents. Not anything detrimental and relationship breaking, just some small things that kinda hits them a bit. And while trying my hardest to not sound superficial, I think that sometimes it's difficult to be the one who is always giving the advice. 

I'm actually a bit older than all of my friends. Less than a year, but sometimes I think it makes a difference. Either that, or I have a really old soul. But when you have to be the one trying to make people feel better all the time, it becomes a bit difficult to care for yourself as well. I've reached the point where sometimes I wish that I can have some of the smaller problems that can be solved with some loving friend advice, instead of the bigger ones. 

But enough of the complaining, because I am a pretty lucky person. 

Well those are my thoughts! Feel free to share your experiences, similar or not, in the comments. I'd love to hear from you!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's Been a Year…


It's amazing when you think about how fast time really does go by. It's been a long and trying year, but I think I've gotten a bit of this blogging thing down by now. I'm still learning, but I've definitely learned to be patient with myself, and accept quality over quantity. What will you continue to see? Everything you have been, and continued growth (hopefully). It might be hard to believe this small accomplishment means so much to me, but it really does. It's like an online journal that I want people to read. I get to put down what I want to say into words, but also share it to the world. If you've ever had any urge to blog, absolutely go for it. It's not about the views or comments that you see in the hundreds on big bloggers. It's about you. Your thoughts, that people will see. 

So yeah, that's my year 1 thought. Thanks to everyone who has even stopped by and even just read one word. It means the world.