Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Updated Everyday Makeup

Bad picture quality hits again(college probs)     

I thought since I haven't done what I use everyday and the routine I follow, I'd update you as I have learned more about makeup, my skin, and what makes me feel confident. All the products I use are from Sephora, so if there is something you want to check out, head on over there. 

Starting off with my base, I apply either the Tarte Amazonian clay full coverage foundation in light to medium honey, or the Lancome foundation in warm bisque I mentioned in my haul post (which I absolutely love), depending on how much coverage I want for the day. They both have the same SPF, which is vital in this Florida sun. I spread that all over my face and down my neck. I then put on Too Faced Primed and Poreless face primer around my nose where my pores appear the largest, and on my forehead. I feel like putting it on after my foundation doesn't just strip it away, but make my skin really look tighter and less pore-y.
I then move on to my eyebrows, which I use the Hourglass brow pencil in soft brunette, and just take that through my eyebrows to add a little color and make them look shaped. I then take some Sephora ultra fine black liquid liner, which I've mentioned in my favorites, from the beginning of my iris all the way to the outer corner, and just fill it in as needed to look even on both eyes. Sometimes I'll put some light gold eyeshadow on, but for today I kept my eyes bare, as I usually do. I finish off my eyes with a coat of Benefit They're Real mascara on the top and bottom lashes. 
I go back to my cheeks, and apply either Tarte amazonian clay blush in captivating, or the hourglass blush palette in any of the three colors (although since this is limited edition, I don't think they sell it anymore :( sorry!). I pop that on the apples of my cheeks and sweep that upwards. I also pop on a little bit of Benefit Hoola bronzer, and using a big fluffy brush, I lightly brush that right under where I put the blush so it's not quite contour, but does give some warmth and definition to my cheek bones. 
Lastly, and most definitely my favorite part, I put my lipstick on. Pretty much everyday I'll have a different color, but for today I chose Mac's Hug Me, which is a really pretty nude brown color that looks so amazingly gorgeous. I will wear anything from nude to bright pink, depending on what I'm feeling for the day. I do love me some bright lips!

So that's it! It's a pretty simple routine, that usually takes me about 10-15 minutes depending on how early I had to wake up in the morning. I really think I've found products that suit me, and also make me feel good and confident in my own skin. And I really think that's what makeup should be about; expressing yourself and feeling amazing and beautiful. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Little Goals - Big Improvements

I said a post or 2 ago that I was attempting to run twice a week. While I'm not quite reaching that quite yet, I'm not getting rid of it yet. For the past month, I've run once a week. With only 4 runs, I've gone from running about .7 of a mile to 1.1 miles. That's .4 of a mile that I've been able to improve in just a month. Although to some, that may seem like a tiny amount and to some it may seem like a length that will never be reachable. It doesn't really matter about WHAT the number is, but achieving a goal. And it doesn't matter how long it takes, but staying consistent is key.

I'm unbelievably proud of myself, considering that I was barely out of bed last year, and I really was surprised about how little it took to just improve. If you have an inkling of a goal, I'd say go for it! You'll never know if you'll learn to love something if you don't try it. During the gym years of middle school and high school when we were forced to run, I absolutely hated it. We had to run a certain amount, on certain days, and when the temperature was absolutely freezing which isn't something I enjoy. Now, with my Nike+ app in hand, some music in my ears, and running to my schedule, I've fallen in love with that satisfactory feeling it brings me.  

I have even bigger goals now to improve. I've laid out some tips if you're beginning that goal:

  • Write it down: I've written down every time I've ran on my little white board calendar. Having it in a physical presence not only makes me feel good about what I've done, but also comes as a good reminder to keep going. 
  • Don't reach too high or too low; know your limits: back when I was doing hard core club volleyball, I was running 3 miles. But that just isn't a good place for me right now, as I am once again learning to get back into shape for running. Saying that, the first couple of runs I did, I didn't set a goal for myself, but instead just ran what I was capable of. From there, I set my goal of a mile, and was able to achieve it pretty quickly. 
  • Be positive! There will be good and bad days! If you end up doing worse, it's perfectly okay. In the grand scheme of things, the more you do something the more you'll improve. It'll take patience and effort, but you know it's very much worth it. 
I hope you guys can take away some positivity in this, even if it's not for running. It could be for academics, or cooking, really anything. It's all up to you now to take control, and reach your goal. Sorry, cheesy rhymes are my thing. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Some More Sephora Stuff

I went home. Also known as I finally had time to look at Sephora, and I had a little spree. 

I got a new foundation, the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24 hour foundation in the color 270 warm Bisque is a beaut. It is very long lasting like it says, and although fairly matte it doesn't cling to dry spots which was a nice surprise. Its a full coverage foundation, but I diffuse it and make it a bit lighter with the Sephora Pro Airbrush #55. I love Sephora brushes, and this one is no different. I'm going to talk more about it later, so stay tuned! Lastly, in the makeup category I repurchased the Benefit They're Real mascara. This will continue to be my favorite daytime mascara, it separates and creates such a beautiful long fluttery look. I seriously will always talk about sorry not sorry! 

For my skincare products, I purchased the Clinique All About Eyes eye cream. I've used it for a couple of days, so I haven't noticed anything, which is totally to be expected. It does feel nice on my skin though, not harsh or stinging, and I can tell that it's moisturizing. I will give a full review once I've used it for a month! The next product is the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment. It's a mud mask that I use once a week. I found this product when it was used during my facial when I visited Charleston, and loved it then. After one use at home, I can say that that love stayed the same (I've been saying love a lot haven't I?) It makes such a difference with a thin layer at just once use. I wore it for 12 minutes while taking a bath to open up my pores, and I really feel like it helped to clear and smoothen my skin. It's a product that I'm really eager to use again, half because I think it does wonders half because masks are really fun. 

I also got 2 reward products, the 100 point 5 in 1 hair treatment from Living Proof, and the 250 point Bite lipgloss and lipstick in a dark pinky purple color. I tried the lipgloss today, and it didn't last very long but it was absolutely beautiful and not terribly sticky. I haven't tried the other products, but again, I will let you know. 

Have a fantastic week everyone! Side note, my normal schedule will also resume on Friday this week. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Apples and Oatmeal

Hey everyone, sorry for the interesting blog schedule that is happening, but I am home for the weekend and super busy so my posts won't be going up on their usual day for the week. Anyway, to the good stuff. 

With being at home, the autumnal stuff is at full blast. I thought, why not act upon it and take a very fall like bath, if that makes any sense. I didn't use any fruity bath bombs, but instead this Aveeno oatmeal bath that they sell at any ol' CVS or Walgreens, and my Yankee Macintosh candle, which is that class fall apple scent. Together, they made the most amazing smelling bathroom (if you're like me and love the smell of oatmeal), and also was not too bad for my skin (who says you can't use oatmeal baths even if you're skin isn't itchy). Not to mention, just the feeling of relaxing in a bath while I had the window cracked with cooler air coming in, it was just autumn bliss. 

Speaking of apples, I ate my first orchard honey crisp apple, and it was utterly fantastic. I am obsessed, and especially when you get them fresh, if you leave them in your fridge they can last for a month. Good college snack am I right? 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

College Life Week 6

Well it's my college update once again. It's been a rough little while, as things start to really set in and get hard, not to mention the homesickness. College is tough. It's not the party everyday, have tons of free time, no homework type of place. With that though, I have a ton of opportunities that have arisen that truly give me that college adult feel, where I'm pushing myself foward more than ever before. So with some bad, comes some good. I think that's a saying that would really help with any situation in life, and if you've followed me long, you know I'm a huge advocate for positive thinking. I may have lost a friend, but I get to visit my friend from back home at here school. See? Opportunities. Anyways I hope you all have a wonderful week coming ahead. I'm trying to motivate myself to run three times a week (I'm a complete noob), but we'll see how that goes. I'll keep you updated!