Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Little Chat

Hello everyone! So last post I mentioned a new internship, but I never really established exactly what this internship is. I'm doing an internship that is extremely important to me, and also involving something I love. So basically you clue is: 

So yeah, basically I work with sharks. Not directly (yet). I'm a photographer for Shark Research at the University of Miami, where we take groups out to learn about and tag sharks. The work that we do not only gives us a better understanding of a species that is sadly still largely a mystery (for example, a shark species was discovered alive by the human eye a few weeks ago), and also to help these guys with conservation efforts. I can go into the whole shark finning talk of mine, but instead of writing a novel, you can check out this Ted Talk by the leader of the team that gives you all the basic information. 

My life has been pretty busy with this including trips, training, editing, etc. but it really means so so much to me. This hammerhead for example is an endangered species, and also a rare find. We were able to do a full workup, meaning taking measurements, blood sample, sex determination, etc. in a really short amount of time, and the sight for me personally is one I will never forget. We let him go after 4 minutes, and he swam off into a world we know little about. 

Shameless advertising here, but honestly again, it means so much to me to be able to do this work. You can check out a bunch more awesome pictures on Facebook under Shark Research at the University of Miami, and also visit SharkTagging.com to find out a whole lot more information. Sharks need our help, and if one person visits, we can make it one step closer to ensuring their existence for future generations. 

Again, not trying to write a novel (it's hard), but if you have any questions feel free to leave them down below! I'd love to reply, and also I'm a really big geek for this stuff so I love to talk about it. Thanks everyone!

Saturday, November 7, 2015


I should get a prize for worse thought of titles for a blog post. But at the same time, it also is quite accurate. So instead of the average college life week blah blah, I thought that was appropriate. Anyways, I'm going to list a basic rundown of what has happened in the past couple of weeks (aka a lot).

  • Midterms (ew)
  • Accepted into an internship
  • Brother came to visit
  • More midterms (more ew)
  • Homecoming week
  • Keeping up with a running regime
  • A whole lot of stuff I can't even think of

So basically there's been a lot. But it's been amazing having a good college experience. I may be busy, but it's the kind of busy that makes moving 1,000+ miles away into an unfamiliar place worth it. Looking forward into the future makes me even more excited, and feeling like I'm more at home bit by bit. If you are still trying to adjust, don't worry. It'll come sooner or later. Just trust your gut, and do what you need for yourself. 
Hope you guys have a great week!