Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Beauty Firsts

I thought that this would be a fun little thing to answer when I saw it on Youtube. Let me know if you guys answer this!

My Beauty Firsts Tag Questions:

1. What's your earliest beauty memory? 
My mom doing makeup for me when I was dancing in the dance recitals. The bright red lipstick would always be last, and I looked absolutely horrific in stage makeup. I just remember having orange eyebrows from this awful eyebrow pencil, but at the same time I never had to wear fake lashes because mine were always insanely long. It's funny to look at pictures of me looking so much older and only being 6 or 7 because of how much makeup I wore. 
2. What was your first beauty purchase? 
Definitely lip smacker chap stick. Plum was my absolute favorite. Real beauty/makeup-wise, the classic Maybelline mascara was probably my first I remember buying with my mom.
3. When did you first wear makeup?
7th grade, when I was 13. Oh it was really bad. I went through a black eyeliner around the entire eye phase.
4. What was your first beauty disaster? 
See above. Not to mention it didn't get better until about sophomore year in high school.
5. Who was your first beauty crush?
Me mummy. I always think she does her eyeshadow so beautifully and tasteful, and when I was first getting into makeup I'd steal her Bobbi Brown palette and try to recreate it. 
6. What was your first brand crush?
Covergirl, when I got to try all the different mascaras.  
7. What's your longest standing beauty love?
My Tarte 24 hour amazonian clay eyeliner in golden tigers eye. So far, I'm on my third stick!

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