Friday, September 4, 2015

Easy Pink Shadow - Tutorial

Hello everyone. I thought for today, I'd show you how I use pink/magenta shadow on the eye. I was always afraid to do this for the longest time because I thought that it just made  me look like I was crying, but with the right colors it can look absolutely gorgeous. 

I used my Mac warm palette for this. I started with brushing Vanilla Extract (1) all over the lid. This color just has the slightest pink hint, but is more of a shimmery ivory color and is a go-to for everyday. Then, using a large fluffy crease brush I take Gingersnap (2) into the entire crease of the eye, making sure that it blends well. It doesn't have to be the neatest strokes, and in fact I think it makes the look better if it's a little messy. Lastly, I take Dark Brew (3) with an eyeshadow brush that has a more pointed end (such as the hourglass shadow brush) and put that in the outer crease of my eye, stopping just as my iris begins and taking that to the outer corner. I also blend a little under my eye, which just gives it such an elegant twist. 

I love these colors, because they are absolutely pink, but not overbearingly pink. They still have a nice brown/gold tone to them, and are perfect for any kind of skin tone, pink or yellow. I finish off the look with a bit of bronzer (I use the hoola bronzer from Benefit) an a pinky nude lipstick (this one is Mac patisserie). I don't use any blush, because my cheeks are pretty pink to begin with, and otherwise it would just be too much pink. The bronzer still gives a little color without being overwhelming. 

Practice makes perfect, so if you don't get the look you want the first time keep trying. I think my biggest tip is just to blend really really well, and just experiment! That's how I find some of my favorite ideas. Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! Also, excuse the lighting. Dorm room lighting is not the best!

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