Sunday, September 27, 2015

6 things I miss about autumn now that I live in the tropics

I promise that I love where I live. Constant warm weather, sunny days and palm trees? It's seriously one of those things that will constantly make you happy. BUT with that comes a lack of a real autumn, which is for sure my second favorite season. Here's 6 things I miss:

1) Changing leaves: I always love my green, but honestly how could red orange and yellow EVERYWHERE not be beautiful? And it's just so autumnal and iconic.

2) Crisper days: again, I'm not putting down my daily upper 80's. However, I do like that time of the year when you pull out some more heavy clothes and layers, and your cheeks just begin to get a little red from the cold. I like this weather too when it's sunny, because it just feels so comfortable.

3) Speaking of crisper days, sweaters and jeans: I'm a fashion lover. And seeing everyone bring out the sweaters in the darker and warmer colors, as well as jeans, well it's just something I kinda miss. I brought way to many sweaters with me to school, and I've not worn any of them, and probably won't until December.

4) Fireplaces: My dad is so good at making a warm and cozy fire. I absolutely adore getting cozy and warm in front of the fire, plus in a weird way it just looks really pretty. It also always means family time and snuggles with my dog, whom I very dearly miss.

5) Autumn smells: So I could just run down to Bath and Body Works and get all of there fall smells super easy, but it's not quite the same. In the north, the smell is everywhere. Here, I still smell humidity and very summer floral smells. I really love the smell of fresh fall-type smells, apples, and nutty smells. 

6) Decor: I miss pumpkins! I know it's such a small thing but we have a bunch of pumpkin patches and corn mazes all around us. They're sold everywhere and they just are so happy in my opinion. I also really like the mums that people put around and leaves and fall colors that are decorated around the house. It isn't such a common thing here in Florida, considering there is so much green.

Well, that's all I have to miss. I really am so happy where I am and I love that it's so warm and sunny and summery, because come November/December, I hate winter way too much. I also get to go home right in the heart of fall, which will give me a good fix. Let me know what you guys like and dislike about fall!

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