Tuesday, August 19, 2014

BTS Week! Part 1- What's in My Bag

Back to school is approaching whether that is something to be excited for or not. This year, my senior year in high school, is where the memories are supposed to be made. Prom, senioritis, college apps etc. it's all there. To start of simple though, I'm going through what essentials I have in my school bag. I bought this Michael Kors bag last year when the design was coming out. It's small but sturdy for a lot of traveling around. It has just the right amount of pockets that nothing gets lost but there's always somewhere to put things. 

Inside my bag, I have three main essentials. My Mead 5 Star notebook and pencil case keeps everything very organized. The notebook has 3 subjects with a folder for each so it's all I need to bring in terms of paper and folders, and the pencil case holds it all. I also bring my whale case which holds my lotion, concealer etc. Finally I have my wallet and sunglasses for driving to school, and it all fits perfectly in my bag without being too heavy (with a huge school like mine lockers aren't always convenient). It's held up all last year and I hope to keep it that way for this year!

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