Friday, August 15, 2014

Sephora Birthday Makeup Review

Sephora gives awesome birthday gifts every year, and I just received mine for 2014 by Makeup Forever. Including this and the gift from last year, there are some awesome stuff and some not so awesome stuff. Here's my review!

2013 by Benefit: This included a sample size of Their Real mascara. The picture doesn't show the sample size because I had to buy a full size because it was so awesome. I mentioned it in a favorites before. It's a very wet mascara with small plastic bristles, and I use it every day, with no flakes. The other Benefit gift is the Watt's Up highlighter. I'm not a big fan of this sample. The full-sized one is probably a bit better because it covers a wider area, but the sample is very small. It's also very shimmery and I'm more of a matte fan, and it's just hard to apply. I'd much prefer a powder, as this one is more of a cream. 

2014 by Makeup Forever: I'll start with the lipstick. I LOVE the color. It's basically a slightly darker color of your lips which is great for everyday. I like their formula as I have gotten their full-size lipsticks before. Overall, I plan to get the full-sized one! The mascara is pretty good, not quite as much as the Benefit, but still good. It has a unique brush with the classic kind of bristle. The brush starts off HUGE at the end but gets thinner as it goes. I don't quite understand the design it might just be for show, but it does give a nice natural lash that lengthens a lot. No flakes which is also good. 

Well that's the review! Next week starting Sunday or Monday I'm going to be doing a school week daily blog (hopefully) about all the stuff I bring to school, and I'm really excited so stay tuned!

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