Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Favorites!

Hi everyone! I'm doing a favorites again finally. I have a lot of fun stuff to go through and links to be clicked so enjoy!

Lot's of makeup favorites this month. I've mentioned a lot of these in other posts, but I can't get over the amazingness. I'll attempt a left to right type of organization so here we go. 

The Pore-fessional Primer: I've definitely mentioned this before. So, so, so nice. It creates a nice matte base that really does reduce the look of pores, which I think is better than an illuminating base because my skin gets oily in 30 seconds. Love the feel of it on my skin, it's just awesome. 

Tarte 12-Hour Blush: This is a new one for me! I never was a blush girl because I always found it hard to put on light enough to not make it look like I painted my cheeks. This Amazonian-clay formula in Captivating is a very pretty peachy pink. I just put a really small amount on a Mac 150 and it is just gorgeous. 

Repetto Perfume: Again, another new kind of product, I never really took to perfumes, and this again changed that. It's a sweet smell, which I think is better for me because I'm still pretty young all things considered. I still save it for more special occasions and keep to body spray for school because it is a stronger scent, but dab a little on my neck and wrists, and I smell like vanilla, rose, musk and whole lotta other goodness.  

Make Up Forever Lipstick: I mentioned this when reviewing Sephora's birthday gifts, and I still love it. It's probably my most worn lipstick for August. The formula is wonderful, and keep my lips pretty hydrated (something I've always had trouble with Mac formulas), and the color. Oh the color. N9 aka Copper Pink is so gorgeous for everyday (it looks much darker than it is). I will soon be getting the full sized one. I just love it so much. 

The Classic Physicians Formula Green Powder: You're probably bored of hearing about this one. But too bad, because it will continue to be in my favorites. Pop a bit on a zit, zap on some concealer, and poof it's gone. It's magic. 

Two non-beauty favorites here. And don't mind the weird wick. It tilted and then got stuck in the dried wax. Oops. 

Brick and Mortar Candle: So some bad news is I can't find this specific candle at the store website, but good news is I found it here! First the store. Brick and Mortar is a furniture store in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I don't have my own home, but going there makes me want 20 different houses so I can take the whole store and decorate them all in different ways. The things there are high quality, and so, so, so cute. It's a wide range of styles and seriously there is so much to find there you never go out without finding something you like. The online store is great, and their sister clothing stores are some of my favorites. Onto the actual candle. Heaven in a really cute jar. It's made of vegetarian wax which is great for conserving those honeybees. The smell is indescribable unless you have put your head into a honeysuckle. It really does smell exactly like honeysuckle, and the jar is a very pretty pink, and very sturdy. Plus 120 hours of burning. Can't beat it. I've been burning it so often, and I just love it so much. 

B&BW Body Cream: AGAIN, this isn't actually on the website, but I did find it in the store. This body cream, in apple blossom and lavender is a great scent, and a good kind of transition scent from summer into fall. I love the two scents together, they work really well. It's a nice big tube too so it will last me forever. 

So not much variation but here it all is. Sorry it took me forever to do another favorites but with the extra day off tomorrow I had the time. Have a great Labor Day weekend! 

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