Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rock the Red Lip w/o Lip Liner

Red lips are always considered "dangerous," but I think anyone can rock the look, even when lip liner is not available. A red lip is always about creating a clean line on the lip, and having an overall polished look in the end, so doing it without lip liner isn't always advised. But I think that it's not always necessary, and you can get that perfect line that doesn't feather. You want to first prime your lips with something, I usually do an Eos balm because it isn't a heavy balm. Side-note, I like to use a lipstick with a sharp edge, such as this Mac Red. It will create sharp lines, or you can always create one by rubbing the lipstick with a tissue. I start with the top lip, so the tip is at its sharpest, because creating a sharp line on the top lip is much harder. Using the edge I try to follow the exact line of my lips without going over. I try to go in one stroke, not multiple, because it creates the cleanest line. I also want to make sure I go to the exact edge of the lip, and do the same on the bottom so it doesn't create a weird faded edge. I do the same for the bottom, keeping that smooth edge. One thing I don't usually do with bright red is blot afterwords, because it can smudge the lipstick onto the skin. And there you go! A great red lip to wear anywhere, anytime. Hope you enjoy!

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