Friday, July 18, 2014

The Non-Cakey Way to Cover Acne (Yes it's possible :) )

If you have severe acne, I absolutely know what you go through. My dermatologist has been working very hard to help me get rid of it, but it is very, very stubborn. Fortunately, this is where makeup comes in. And I think I have finally perfected the coverage of acne without looking like a cake. 

I start off with priming my face with the Benefit Pore-fessional primer. Side note, it's a slightly cheaper version of the Givenchy Mister Mat Primer, so if you like that one you'll like the Benefit one too. I use this so the foundation won't get stuck in my pores, and it also is a good way to not quite make your face matte, but it takes away any big shiny spots from oil. I stick that all over my face, concentrating on my T-zone. 

I then go onto the scariest part (because it makes you look like you have a very weird skin disease), which is my green powder. This Physicians Formula Pressed Powder is a gift from above for any red skin, because it neutralizes the redness more than concealer can. If you really have a bright red spot, you can also use the liquid formula, but I think the powder has a more natural finish. I use the Real Techniques crease brush, and use a patting motion over the spot. I try to use a pretty heavy coverage so there is absolutely no red to be seen.

I then go to the concealer. I dot a bit of my Sephora Collection Concealer in number 7 on each spot then use the Sephora concealer brush to blend it into the skin. At this point, the skin should look slightly green tinged but overall no redness, and a lot less zitty. 

The final step is to use foundation as normal. This should cover any other area of the skin that doesn't quite look natural, and also even out any other skin tones in the face for a nice even finish. I use the Nars Sheer Matte foundation in Santa Fe with my Urban Decay foundation brush. 

Obviously, no amount of makeup can actually hide the actual bump, but this is a great, natural way to hide acne. I hated the way my face would always look so full of makeup and so fake, but now it looks so much more natural thanks to mister green powder. Hope you guys enjoyed! (The picture below has no edits other than brightening. You can see how well it works!)

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