Saturday, July 12, 2014

Birthday Makeup Outfit and Hair

Happy Saturday! I just got home from my long trip in Florida with lot's of mosquito bites and some nice tan skin (Although I wore sunscreen everyday). I celebrated my birthday with my parents, brother, and my grandparents at one of my favorite Italian restaurants. The romper I wore was from Modcloth (and if you are a girl with a long torso like me, a size large in this romper will do wonders), and the belt was taken from another dress, also from Modcloth. The rings are Topshop and I wore my pink Sperry's to add a cute pop of color. I wore my mom's oversized jean jacket with quarter sleeves in the restaurant.

Yes that is a remote in my hand I was too impatient to wait for the timer :)

For makeup, I went with a bit of a darker brow and more of a smoky eye, although a smoky eye for me is still very light and neutral. The brow pencil is Maybelline, the eyeshadows were from the Mac warm palette, and the lipstick was Hot Tahiti, also from Mac. Everything else is pretty much the same as my everyday routine.  

I decided that my natural hair actually looked decent for once, so I stuck some Frizz-Ease calming cream and let it be. 

It turned out to be a really nice birthday. My mom handmade an ice cream cake which is probably one of my favorite things about my birthday every year, and I got a really nice charm from Tiffany's for my charm bracelet from my parents. Overall it was a great birthday, and one I will never forget. Have a happy weekend!

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