Sunday, September 28, 2014

Disappointing Product Review: Mac and Clinique

I'm back to two more products that didn't quite make the cut for me, one from Mac and one from Clinique, which is unusual for those two brands. Usually I'm in love with all their products, but I'll explain why these ones weren't quite up to par.

I'll start with the Clinique brow powder, the one of the left. I had high hopes for this but it just didn't cut it. The formula was way too packed, and you had to work to get product evenly distributed in the brows. The color is also really off. Although it says it's soft brown, and the sample picture on the Sephora website gives it off as exactly that, the color ends up being way different. You can kind of compare it to the bronzer, but it is way too orange for the brows. The brush it came with was also really bad. Whereas most brow brushes are very thin, this one was rather thick and got product caked into the bristles, and it was very hard to clean out. Overall, I stopped using it after three weeks because I just got so frustrated.

The Mac bronzing powder was something I wasn't expecting to dislike since their mineral powders are so good. This powder wasn't anything like those. It picked up on the brush poorly (and I tried two different types of brushes with different bristles) and I literally had to scrub the powder to try to get product. When applying it to the face, I needed a ton just to make my face slightly more bronze. I guess you could call it subtle, but I think for the amount of powder I had to use, it just didn't work well. It also has dried out a lot after just a few months, and I keep it closed and in a drawer, so I don't understand why it would do that. I tried testing it with my finger once, and absolutely nothing showed up, even when I tried the less dry parts. It just wasn't good enough for the money you have to spend on a Mac product.

The usual disclaimer is that whatever doesn't work for me may work wonders on you. It's all a matter of opinion. I hope that my reviews can give you some insight, but the only way to REALLY know is to try them (except I'd suggest sampling at the store versus buying). I hope you enjoyed this review!

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