Sunday, July 17, 2016

Making Moving (Somewhat) Easier

It comes in everyone's life. Whether moving to a different room to moving to a different country, there comes a stage where changing a part of your life happens. Recently, our family has packed up and moved about 35 miles to a different state. And it reminded me how absolutely overwhelming it can be. I've learned a bit through the process, even though it is very much still happening. Here are a couple of tips:

1. If you want, paint some rooms. I found that this helped not only create some good looks for staging, but it also helped to differ some of the rooms so it can take away some of the nostalgia. 

2. Pack early and often. I found that packing all at once was so overwhelming. Packing a few things every once in a while really eases the process. Start with items that aren't of everyday use, such as pictures, decorative items, out of season clothes, etc. and slowly move through items you use more often. It's never to early to start packing!

3. Stay organized. I numbered the boxes/bins and started a word document that listed everything in that place. Therefore, if it's needed or you're trying to find something when unpacking, it's easier to find and you don't have to go through everything. 

4. With that, I found that bins are so much more useful than boxes. Although pricier, they not only have handles making the carrying easier, bins that are clear give you an idea of what items are in it, also making it easier to pick things out when needed. Plus, they can be reused for later things!

5. And finally, grab some friends! Moving can be difficult for many reasons, and having some supporting buddies can help you not only organize, but also get things done quicker and have some friendly advice about what is needed and not needed. I got a lot of help to slim down on my clothes and old stuffed animals/toys that I once loved but really had no use for. 

Hope a few of these help, and good luck in your moving endeavors!

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