Thursday, September 25, 2014

Summer Wedding!

My cousin recently got married to his girlfriend of about 3 years (and they also have a little boy together named Jacob!). It was literally one of the most beautiful weddings that I've seen and it was great weather and a great crowd. About 100 people were there and it was at a privately owned lot with a beautiful lake and vineyard. I'll give ya a couple pictures:

The wedding was held by the lake with a bunch of blue little poms in the trees and a beautiful wooden arch that was made by the bride's step dad. The best part was instead of traditional rice, all the younger kids got a little bubble gun and shot bubbles at them after the ceremony. 

Now onto what I wore, there were two different outfits, one for the ceremony and one for the night before which was a little wine tasting at the vineyard just to get everyone together. My dresses were both from little non-chain shops but I do know you can get my ceremony dress at Modcloth. My shoes were both from DSW, and jewelry mostly from Silpada. The shoes for the second dress were red patent leather heals, which you can't see.

P.S. ignore the super crappy quality from my phone…

I love weddings so much, and I love wearing different things. My cousin and his wife looked so happy, and her dress was beautiful. Overall everything was so much fun and considering they did all the work by themselves, the wedding went flawlessly. The next thing I have to ask is who is next…?
See you soon!

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