Friday, May 30, 2014

Sunscreen Stuff

Hey everyone! So I mentioned last post I'd talk about my sunscreen routine, and here it is! Click on anything to see a link on where to buy and a price.  

Tinted Face Stick: This Headhunter face stick is seriously amazing. It's tinted, so I don't really need to put on foundation, just a few dabs of concealer. It stays on SO LONG even when in water. Even though it's a really thick consistency, it doesn't make me break out. I usually only use this on my face, and it protects me well at SPF 45. There's a clear version too if you don't like the tinted. Just be sure to wash it off really well because it stays on so strongly. 

Face Moisturizer: This moisturizer is a great sunscreen for the face to put on throughout the day so your face stays moisturized. The sun will dry it out like crazy. It's not too big, so it's an easy travel item, and it smells really good too. It's even a good every day moisturizer because it's pretty light weight.

Heavy Duty Face Sunscreen: For long day's out in the sun, I'll use Neutrogena clear face sunscreen SPF 55. It's really nice that it's oil free and doesn't cause breakouts. It's a good sunscreen that protects well, and pretty much does what it's made to do. 

Spray Sunscreen: Another Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen, this spray is seriously amazing. It smells SO good when it sets into the skin, sorta like coconut and floral mixed together. It's not a greasy spray like a lot of others are, and it does its job well. At SPF 30, its perfect for a long day in the sun (as long as you reapply). It applies much faster than a cream too. I love this stuff, and have probably gone through 10 bottles of it. It's the only sunscreen I use for the body.

Well that's it! Hope you have a great day in the sun!

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