Monday, April 7, 2014

My School Day Makeup Routine

I'll be honest doing makeup is probably my favorite time of day. I try to keep it pretty short, seeing as I don't have too much time before racing out the door. I think it's a great, not-too-heavy look, perfect for school too. I will sometimes have variations, such as liquid liner and adding eyeshadow, but this is absolutely my go-to look. Hope you like it! 

1. I'll start off with the basics: I'll first moisturize my face with a lotion my dermatologist gave me, so I'm not sure if it's over the counter, but I love it! It has the lightest of fragrances that smells really pretty and floral like. I'll then use one pump of Mac Prep & Prime primer so my foundation really sets in. Both of these I'll just use my hands to rub in. Then I use my Sephora concealer (see pic below) in medium #6 to cover blemishes and red spots, particularly my nose. I then combine my Mac mineralize foundation in the color NC25 with my Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer in light to medium. Combined, they make the perfect color for my face. I'll buff that in with the Mac 159 brush.

2. Then comes the powders: Since my foundation makes my face pretty shiny, I use bareMinerals Ready foundation powder in fairly light with my Sephora 43 brush (which I absolutely love!). After brushing that on for a while, otherwise my face looks cakey, I'll use Mac bronzer in their matte color. It's a pretty light powder which is perfect for school and just giving my cheeks a little definition. I'll use the Mac 150 brush for that, which is big and fluffy, perfect for creating a nice natural look. Then I use the Clinique eyebrow powder in soft brown. It's a lot lighter and more orangey than I thought when I was buying it, so if you have eyebrows like mine I'd probably go the darker color. It has its own eyebrow brush which is really nice though, and it goes on really well. 

3. Last but not least, I use light, short strokes of my Maybelline brow pencil in deep brown to really give it a nice shape and texture. Using my Tarte eyeliner in golden tiger's eye, which is pretty much the color in the picture, I spread a thin line above my lashes from about 3/4 of the way in, all the way to the outer corner. It has a built in smugger, but I'll usually just smooth the line out with a finger. It's great because I don't usually reapply, and it lasts forever. I've recently discovered the Tarte inner eye brightener which I LOVE. It's basically a bright pencil concealer that I put in the inner corner and gently buffer, and it creates such a bright open eyed look. Because I am in no way a morning person, it really makes me look awake. I finish off with Benefit mascara on my upper lashes and swab on some lipstick with whichever color I feel like for the day, and I'm ready to go!

So this is another really long post, and I promise they will be shorter. I know this was more of an overview, so actual tutorials will be coming later. Hope you enjoyed this though! 

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