Thursday, April 3, 2014

For almost everyone, spring is in the air, flowers are starting to bloom, and the weather is starting to turn warm. And while everyone is enjoying spring, winter and 34 degrees just wants to linger near me. Anyway, here are some spring favorites that cheer me up from the cold!

1. New bathroom organizing: we recently redid our bathroom from a dark blue to the sandy brown. I saw the sand at Michaels and instantly thought of using the vases. I absolutely love the look to hold my brushes, lipsticks, and pencils.
2. My mom surprised me with the warm Mac palette, and I love the colors! They look great with my ombre hair, and the palette is really versatile. 
3. Fruity candles! They smell great for spring. These two are my two favorite fruity smells from Yankee Candle: Bahama Breeze and Citrus Tango.
4. Some other things I love that aren't pictured: Mangos! They are my absolute favorite fruit right now and I've gotten lucky in picking some good ones. Also, Bath and Body Works Sweat Pea body butter. Since it's still really dry out, lotion is a must and I love the thicker lotions. The floral smell of this body butter is great for spring too. 

Anything else you suggest? Let me know!

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