Sunday, April 13, 2014

Movie Review #1

So through the last two weekends I saw both Divergent and Captain America the Winter Soldier with some friends and I'd thought I'd share my reviews since professional critics seem to have different opinions than a lot of high schoolers. Anyway I won't do any spoilers (hopefully) so enjoy!
I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. A lot of people said if you read the book you won't like it, but I read the book and liked it. Besides some bits and bobs here and there that are different, I thought the movie did pretty well in keeping true to the main premise of the book. It captured Tris's emotions and Shailene Woodley did a pretty good job with acting out those emotions and besides casting Theo James for all the fangirls (me included), I thought that he did a good job with the tough yet caring personality. I would give it an A-.
Captain America:
I'm a big Marvel movie fan, so I was really anticipating this movie. It has a complicated story line with a lot of *gasp* moments, but it was also a lot more violent than the last Captain America, and even the Avengers. It did have a few one liners that I loved and of course a Stan Lee cameo (the creator of many Marvel comics back in the day). The introduction of the Falcon was a nice addition too. I also liked how it connected a lot of the plot to the last Captain America and the events in the 1940's. Overall I give it a B because it was sometimes hard to follow and a lot more violent than other Marvel movies. I can't wait until the second Avengers though!

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