Saturday, April 5, 2014

50 Random Facts About Me

1. My full name is Alexandra Elaine

2. My birthday is July 5th

3. I'm 5'9"

4. I'm a 4-6 in pant size

5. I'm a shoe size 10

6. My hair is naturally brown but ombre on the bottom

7. My eyes are a dull blue

8. I live with both my parents and have a 20 year-old brother

9. I have a dog Sparky, a chinchilla Ellie, and a snake that is just The Snake

10. My favorite food is pasta with spicy red sauce

11. I have no willpower agains chocolate PB ice cream and peanut M&M's

12. My favorite color is a light blue

13. I'm a vegetarian, and have been for about 3 years

14. I've known my best friend Ray for 13 years

15. My favorite season is the summer

16. I want to be a marine scientist

17. I want to attend the University of Miami 

18. I want to go to Australia and study abroad

19. My bedroom is painted a coral color

20. I hate cold weather

21. I eat pretty healthy but...

22. I hate to exercise 

23. I wish I could go to London

24. My favorite book series is Harry Potter

25. My favorite book as a kid was the Friskative Dog

26. My high school has 4000 students

27. My favorite subject is photography and science

28. I dance ballet, pointe, and lyrical

29. I didn't make my sophomore volleyball team

30. I get A's and B's

31. I hate when people touch my head

32. I lost one of my best friends to a boy

33. I have 1 kidney

34. I love to eat clementines outside when it is starting to get warm

35. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people chomp on their gum

36. I can't wait to decorate my own place

37. I have anxiety

38. I can't stand needles whatsoever 

39. I have never broken a bone

40. I got interested in beauty after watching lots of Youtube and reading books (yeah I'm old school)

41. I love the Sims I will admit it

42. I have 30 cousins and counting

43. I love storms

44. I always wanted a sister

45. Flowers always cheer me up

46. I'm really excited to be a mother

47. I love roller coasters 

48. My mom and I share shirts (she's actually quite fashionable)

49. I hate to put things in and take things out of dishwashers. I don't know why.

50. I'm super excited about starting my blog! 

Hope you enjoyed that! Even if you didn't get through it all, which is understandable (LOL). 
Shirt from Express. Yes I look like I have a really short neck but I couldn't find my tripod so I had to improvise...

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