Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Little Bit Different…

Hey everyone! Now that our weekend comes to a close and school and work returns to the daily schedule, there's something I'd thought I'd put out there. First, I suggest this video:

Now besides having loved this channel for years, Jacksgap recently posted this video that struck me to my core. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and now I'm here to talk about it. 

Backing up a bit, I've had mental illnesses (illness being purely scientific. It is by no means a negative word, nor should be perceived as one) for years without ever knowing what it was, until it started manifesting into panic attacks and avoidance of many situations (agoraphobia). None of my friends knew (through no fault of their own), but my parents sat me down one day, and we really talked about it. I started seeing a psychiatrist, and that's when I truly started to feel good, and more like my usual self. I'm absolutely not ashamed to admit I see someone, or I have these illnesses, and I think the bad vibe we get from hearing those words can be turned around.

What struck me the most is how much I need to actually stand by my words. My parents know, but none of my friends or teachers or even close relatives really know that I have anxiety and depression, and the scope at which I have it. I've made a promise to myself to talk about it, and not only talk to them, but to the internet as well. 

If you ever just need to talk either privately or with others, know that I will always be an advocate for mental health. Even though these feelings completely suck, I feel like I have, for the most part, successfully understood the ways in which my mind works, and I've helped myself to beat many negative thoughts through my head. It IS possible. If you want to comment about your experience, I'd love to hear your stories, or go to Jacksgap website where they also have a forum. 

YOU are a great person, and YOU have the strength to beat these mental illnesses. And you are absolutely not alone :)

I'm hoping to post more about mental health, because it is such a big factor in my life. Let me know if you want to see anything in particular, and I hope you have a wonderful week!

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