Sunday, January 18, 2015

Travel Pictures! Hawaii 2014 Part 1

Hey everyone! Hope you are enjoying the weekend! I wanted to share just a few of my favorite pictures from my Maui trip. I would definitely recommend going for the adventurous person, and I would probably suggest winter over summer, because that's the whale season. This is only one of my two memory cards, so I'll probably have a part 2 a little while later. Enjoy!

 Humpback off of Lahaina

 Humphrey the turtle. Don't worry, we didn't touch him, nor get in the way of his feeding frenzy :)

Another sea turtle coming up for breath

 Mountains from a helicopter

 Humpbacks from a helicopter


More fish

If you ever find yourself enjoying what nature has to offer, just remember to be respectful. The smallest touch can kill coral or give sea turtles a deadly disease, so observe from a distance. Marine geek out :)

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