Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Staying Healthy Through the College Semester

The infamous "freshman 15" is everywhere. While I think the daily walking and limiting the amount of stuff I drink other than water is enough, I do have some tips for staying healthy throughout and maintaining a good mood with it. 

Walk and Bike: The great thing about most college campuses, is that they are great places to find really nice pathways to walk and bike. Walking does your body so much good, more than people give it credit for. So try to park farther away, or walk on a round-about path to give yourself some extra daily steps. 

Buy snacks that fill you up: This doesn't mean you have to buy strictly vegetables, but not necessarily potato chips and sweets that you end up eating a lot more than intended (I'm a culprit. It's so easy!) My strategy is plenty of natural popcorn, carrots and hummus, as well as cheese sticks and the twist I sometimes like to go for is microwavable wild rice. While they aren't just lettuce, they are yummy and fill me up when the dining hall is just not sounding appetizing. 

Get creative: Just because the dining hall serves on dish, doesn't mean that's what you have to eat. I like to spice things up, literally. Don't want a plain salad? Go over to the sandwiches and ask for some chicken or roast beef, as well as some veggies they may not have at the salad bar. Pasta night? Grab some plain pasta, then go to the salad bar and stick some spinach and olive oil in there. I like to add a little red pepper from the pizza line as well, to give it a little spice. Finish with a pinch of salt, and you have yourself a meal. You can even grab a healthy version of a grilled cheese at the sandwich line, by using bread, american cheese (and tomato if that's what you fancy), and have them toast it in the panini maker versus with butter. Add some sides and you're ready to go. 

Watch for boredom eating: I am very bad at this one. I always "feel" hungry whenever I'm sitting doing homework and studying. My tip for this is try to drink water first. It may be that you're thirsty, and just need some hydration. If you still feel hungry, set out a snack in a portion. It's easy to just grab a bag of food and end up eating the whole thing, but if you take the time to put the right amount in a bowl or ziplock, you can control your portions much easier. 

I'll also post about some microwave recipes I've discovered through much trial and error, and what works in the microwave and what doesn't stay tuned!

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