Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bite Agave Lip Mask Review

I'm a sucker for lip products that say they are miracle moisturizers. The Bite Agave Lip Mask was no exception, reaching it's way right into my Sephora basket. I picked up the champaign color, thinking it would be a subtle way to get major moisture while preventing the "I have petroleum jelly smothered over my lips and it shows" look I sometimes wear. I can officially say that after a month of use, I am extremely pleased. The color is a light sheer pink with golden shimmer, which makes it look like a high end gloss (Nars Orgasm anyone?). And while I normally try to stray away from the excess sheen, this just looks gorgeous and natural. Now besides the beauty bit of it, it really works well as a moisturizer. It's extremely thick and sticky, which is to be expected, but works like magic. I instantly feel a difference, and it keeps my lips moisturized far longer than the EOS balms, or regular ol' lip balm. The price is absolutely worth the product, because a half-a-pea-size amount sets me for the whole school day (and I'm talking about small peas here). I 100% recommend it if you hate dry lips. I want to try the other color too, which is a brighter fuchsia pink, but for now, I say go for the champaign.

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