Thursday, May 14, 2015

Beauty Hacks: 3 things to do with Q-Tips

I am ALWAYS the girl to skip steps, quicken my routine. I've discovered three ways to use Q-tips, and I thought now is the time to let the secret out.

1. Take off that under eye mascara smudge with a Q-tip. Simply cover it in some moisturizer, preferably for eyes, but any works, and lightly sweep it under the eye. It not only takes off that stubborn makeup, but you don't have to wipe off the excess product on your skin, because it will actually help moisturize! Not to mention, this is great for those with sensitive skin, and you don't want to use a wipe to quickly get the makeup off, because I find it can sometimes burn a little. 

2. Apply a smoky eye. Take the cotton swab, and either press or twist it into powder, and shake off the excess. It creates the perfect amount of shadow for under the eye, as well as a great blending tool if brushes are too much of a hassle, or too much money. I find that it also doesn't have as much fallout than some brushes, saving time from having to clean all the excess powder up. This also works great for cream eyeshadow too. 

3. Take off excess mascara and clumps. Use the stick of the Q-tip and basically brush it along the lashes. It takes of excess wet mascara without taking off any of the volume or length, and it doesn't get all over your hands and clump if you just try to use your fingers. It's sanitary, and a fantastic tool to use when you just want to quickly set your mascara. 

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